Peggy Rubin

Peggy Rubin is founding director of the Center for Sacred Theatre in Ashland, Oregon. Primary activities of the Center include the creation of workshops in Living Life as Sacred Theatre, and Sacred Studies of the Divine Feminine. Since 1987 she has also been the principal teaching associate of Jean Houston, Ph.D., in Dr. Houston’s worldwide multicultural transformational work and in her schools of spiritual studies, as well as a member of the core faculty of the School for Social Artistry, an intensive leadership training program.

Qinghong Wei, PhD

A scholar, multi-disciplinary artist and dedicated practitioner in building creative communities. Qinghong has served as CEO of a prestigious foundation and co-founder of an award-winning social enterprise, among other critical roles. She brings diverse and rich experience in organizational development, consulting, research, here in the U.S. and internationally.

Donnie Mclurcan

Donnie Mclurcan, founder of Post Growth, provides inspiration and skills for identifying, and implementing new approaches to global prosperity and well-being that don't rely on economic growth. Crystallize what is "yours to do" within a supportive community, acquire a resource list and develop a "project pitch" for moving your dreams forward.

Sara Morell-Vaughn

Sara is the founder and director of ELLSSA and the owner and designer of Nature of NoMore, a holistic health company specializing in organic body care.  Sara is a nutritional therapist, health practitioner & passionate activist.

Rebecca Rhapsody Narrowe

Rhapsody is a creative consultant whose leadership, storytelling, and facilitation techniques evoke resourceful authenticity in individuals and groups. The founder of Story Connective which shares stories of resilience, possibility, and cooperation. Born and raised on Maui, this is her fourth year leading Social Artistry at the Odyssey. 

Firefly Walter

​Firefly walks in many worlds, and through music bridges heart, mind, and spirit. She leads group singing at conferences, retreats, and performances all over the country since 2011.

K. "Stellar" Dutcher

Katie is a Social Artistry Trainer, fundraiser, and certified facilitator of Authentic Relating Games and the Storybridge theater method. A poet, songwriter, activist and dreamer extraordinaire, awakening others to the light and love inside themselves, through sharing and shining her own. This is Stellar's 5th year leading Social Artistry at The Odyssey.

Nate Rimmel

Nathen Aaren is a singer & entrepreneur. He’s made music for Fortune 500 companies & Grammy award winning artists incl. The Olympics, Adidas, Lil Wayne, CBS Sports and produces a personal development podcast that charted #1 on iTunes. As a former agent, he landed his clients million dollar investments and specializes getting people funding to launch their dream projects. He also sits on the board of ELLSSA.

Elisha Christopher Berrios-Hayden

Elisha Christopher Berrios-Hayden is a speaker, trainer, facilitator and teacher. A natural born Social Artist, he helped develop curriculum for the Emerging Leaders Initiative, and was a trainer at the first Social Artistry Odyssey. He is the founder and Spiritual Director of Launching Pad Zion and He is working on a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies.

Daniel OGuin

Daniel is a dream designer hailing from Hawai’i. He owns EternalEyes Design which has helped over 100 clients including Google, Carvill Sotheby’s, Paul Hawken, Manaola, and Mike Love. Within E.L.L.S.S.A., he has created Artquake, a cause driven program which creates impactful art that inspires people to make the world a better place, while being rewarded with creative gifts in the process.

Tannur “Shewrightz

Founder of iLOGIC ™ (Institute for the Love Of Genius In Communities) Tannur lives her life as a public servant, providing events, workshops, classes and spaces where people can “Get UnPlugged and find themselves plugged in”. She is the creator of Pen Stroke National Poetry Festival.




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