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Welcome to "Education is Your Chance", a school program for the impoverished children of Colombia.  Our NPO works side by side with "Sport is Your Chance ", another NPO based out of Colombia, to co-create a safe place for children to receive all of their educational needs. 

Since its inception,
the goal has been to spread the seeds of Muaythai across Colombia as a tool for transformation, to break barriers of inter-community tensions and give our kids a chance to dev
elop their dreams!  We have since have expanded to help children even further by providing multiple educational programs.


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Changing our world one child at a time!

The foundation has given our kids amazing opportunities, including virtual classes, botanical activities, English lessons, in-person training sessions, virtual championships, parties and most importantly life changing opportunities!





These opportunities include:

Traditional Education:

  • Including virtual classes, botanical activities, English lessons, in-person training sessions


  • We are registered under our National Sport System- which means the kids are recon as athletes.

  • SPORT is your GANG Colombia team participating in the IFMA world virtual championship in 2020 and 2021.

  • Our girls got silver and Bronze...going on to represent our country in the UTS Virtual Festival under the patronage of the Olympic Committee.

This allows them to show all their friends and relatives that with effort, discipline and respect for our dreams, anything is possible!! 


5 of our girls received a 90% scholarship FOR LIFE, from our Ministry of Culture, to be part of "The Medellin Metropolitan Ballet,” one of the most exclusive ballet companies in the country.
Our foundation is responsible for the rest of the scholarship, including 10% monthly fee, transportation, food, uniforms, etc.








One of our programs called 360, has more of a personal approach to each student: They receive different types of classes according to their field of interest. Through our foundation, we have been able to acheive full-time scholarship to continue primary school... Some of our students now are leaders in helping us to call new kids to the program! 

Stationary photo
Stationary photo
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