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Below you will find a list of programs offered to anyone looking for a change.  Apply simply by clicking the Contact Us button below, fill the subject line with the program of your interest and leave your contact information.  One of our providers will help you through the application process.


WHOListically Living

Nature's Solution To Your Bodies Health!

Take advantage of ELLSSA’s health coaching, and learn all the up to date information on how to choose the food you buy, holistic healing, healthy cooking, how to keep your exterior enviroment clean and free of chemicals and much more. We offer a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging you to listen to your inner wisdom, identify your values, and transform your goals into action. We look forward to working within your dietary restrictions and physical capabilities to develop a program that works for you. Our goal is to see you succeed and become the healthiest and happiest you have ever been from the inside out.

Life Coaching

Embrace your full potential and heal your mind, body and spirit. If you are looking to embrace your full capacity for fulfillment, and transform your life in a positive way, we would love to work with you. We are gifting a few individuals each year with free coaching sessions that are serious about cultivating and achieving their life goals. We have experience with personal training, life coaching, as well as current holistic nutrition and healing. We have experience working with a variety of individuals from all walks of life. If you have made the personal commitment to becoming the best version of yourself, we look forward to being your advocate.

Story Connective

The stories we hear & see inform us to what we think is possible. Socially, culturally, environmentally things are changing more rapidly than ever before in human history, & the actions we choose now, more than ever before, affect the future of humanity. The Story Connective records, archives, & shares stories that guide us towards a life nourishing future. These stories inspire people to connect with new ideas, spread solutions, & recognize how take action in our own lives. If you are Interested in recording your story or want to support this program, connect with us at

YOGA online

Change Your Breath, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life! Enjoy Personalized Yoga sessions in person or via skype. Our yoga instructor has experience working with numerous groups and individuals of all walks of life, many with injuries, recovering from surgery as well as pre and post natal mothers. Contact ELLSSA and arrange a session to and begin transforming your life. Our instructors will work with you to embrace your full potential, and guide you on your path to health and happiness.Contact for more information

Mission Growth

Need help putting on an event to raise awareness for your mission or grow your cause? Schedule a time to collaborate with our producers and live the change you want to see in the world. Contact us for more information @

Youth Mentorship

Help bring out the best in each one of us by supporting the Emerging Leaders of the world. Are you looking for mentorship or wanting to mentor? ELLSSA wants to help you! Send us your inquiry and let us build this bridge for you...

Leo Loves is a program under E.L.L.S.S.A, whose mission it is to help dogs in need. Leo wants to share his love for his fellow fur kind, to help create happier, healthier lives for other animals.

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