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Creators of E.L.L.S.S.A.

Sara Morell

Founder & Director

Sara strives to assist, inspire, and encourage those in need by facilitating humanitarian activities, bringing awareness, and promoting social programs geared towards the advancement of the most deprived members of our society. She aims to provide goodwill at all times, while improving the quality of life in those in need. Her moral philosophy is to promote all forms of humanitarian activities and intercultural fellowship, while respecting the dignity of every individual. As a volunteer, she has dedicated her time to such things as; relief efforts for orphanages, teaching English abroad to children in remote villages, and environmental projects. Her work has included coordinating, promoting, and hosting social events for a multitude of charities. Sara continuously spends time working with the homeless by handing out food and clothes. Sara is also a Certified Nutritional therapist with a background in self development.  She uses these skills to help the less fortunate while growing mutually in the process. Sara brings people together who are motivated by common interests, beliefs, and ethical standards, so that they may work towards a positive outcome. Sara's spirituality and connection to others continues to fuel her passion to change the world.

Jacquelyn Nicole Smith

Founding Partner & Co-Creator

Jacquelyn is one of the founders of ELLSSA. She has been a guide to the youth through her work in pre-schools, churches, families, orphanages, camps, and mission programs. She instructed fine arts drawing and painting in a private studio for nine years. She has explored her love of nature through her work in gardens. Jacquelyn has enriched lives as a health coach, yoga instructor, tutor, and nanny. Her past experiences shaped her passion for teaching, uplifting ad serving others. She has participated in homeless outreach, housing programs, fundraising for third world projects, collecting donations, leading wellness classes, as well as an oversees trip to work with missionaries in France. Jacquelyn has achieved a bachelors in Psychology graduating with honors, holds a certificate in Yoga and tutoring, and is a Landmark Forum graduate.


Nate Rimmel

Consultant & Media Relations Director

Nathan Aaren is a music producer and public speaker.  He produces music for Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne, Master P, Fat Joe, Mims, Devin The Dude, Brotha Lynch Hung, Mac Dre, Mistah Fab, and has sold music to over 600 independent artists. He has also been hired to create music for Nintendo, Adidas, CBS Sports, the 2012 Olympics, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Sun Microsystems, and owns the official theme song for the Oakland A’s baseball team. Since 2010, N8Beats has been the director and panel discussion host for the National Association of Record Industry Professionals. He studied under American Idol’s Simon Cowell, NWA’s Arabian Prince, Rza / North Hollywood Wu-Tang West Studios, engineer Steve Miller and multi-platinum dance DJ Paul Oakenfold. In 2002, he graduated from the Los Angeles Recording school in the top 1 percentile of his class, and later attended Musicians Institute of Music Business.


Reem Shehedeh


Prior to Reem's Spiritual Journey of Self she successfully owned and operated a small restaurant for 5 years. As a leader in her community she was invited to speak at the local high school for career day. She donated many free meals to her community and was a donation site for Toys For Tots & the local Food Bank. Her passion lies in personal growth. Supporting others to reach their highest good by volunteering her time serving others with PSI Seminars.


Kay Worthington

Super Accountant Extraordinaire

Kay Worthington is ELLSSA'S Super Accountant Extraordinaire.  She's been a pivotal member in supporting ELLSSA, in a multitude of ways.  Her expertise and background is, you guessed it, accounting.  Kay enjoys working with non-profits and small business owners and currently works as an accountant, with the federal government. She donates her time by volunteering with the Junior League of Sacramento, ELLSSA's board and is currently an active member of the U.S. Army Reserves. Kay recently relocated from Georgia to California with her son. When not working or volunteering, she tries to see all the beauty the Earth has to offer. 

Daniel Uyemura O'Guin

Dream Designer

A magician who’s wand is his pencil. His purpose in life is to amplify the kind-hearted messages of the world through his art. By creating vivid artistry, he facilitates the philanthropic work of environmental leaders, renowned international doctors, countless influential musicians and a galore of other companies that help others lives flourish. He seeks to fill his well of wisdom and experience, so he can help heal the community around him with creative and time-honored solutions.

Rebecca Narrowe

Story Connective Lead

Rebecca Rhapsody (story weaver) is a storyteller, visionary, & social artist whose work evokes resourceful authenticity in individuals and groups. Rebecca is the co-creator ( creating with Loxley Clovis, a story curator & archivist) and lead of ELLSSA's Story Connective Program and helps lead the way on ELLSSA'S board in establishing new world changing ways to THRIVE.   It delights her to help you activate the story of your life & wants you to be able to wake up each day excited & appreciative of the day ahead. Rhapsody is a champion of creativity, connectivity, & holistic wisdom. Deeply influenced by her place of birth & upbringing, the island of Maui, Hawai’i, Rhapsody innately cherishes our sacred connection to nature & the spirit of Aloha. She has a degree in theater from Northwestern University, & has over 10 years of teaching/facilitating experience. She lives part time in Ashland, Oregon, & Maui, where she is experimenting with how story performance can be an awesome community foundation building tool. Also, she is (slowly) learning the ukulele, & has a huge sweet tooth for chocolate. 

Christina Schooler

Founder Rooted Method & Co-leader of Odyssey.

Cristina is the founder of The Rooted Method & a Co-leader in the production of Odyssey.  Rooted method is a dynamic coaching and retreat business where mother nature, neuroscience and feminine embodiment intersect. Her work helps men and women sift through the rubble of conditioned ways of being and doing so they can fully reclaim their power, pleasure and prosperity. 


At the heart of the Rotted Method is community and she brings in guest facilitators, coaches and other dynamic entrepreneurs into her in person and online programs so everyone can be supported in their dynamic journey back home to themselves. 

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Andie Leon

ELLSSA's Superfoods Chef

From 2012 to 2015 Andie taught sold-out classes at Wholefoods stores in the greater Los Angeles area – one class was even filmed for a local TV network – and also worked as head chef for select Wholefoods catering events. She was invited to take part in the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival in 2013 to 2014.  Andie went on to open her own all-organic restaurant, C2 Organics, in Hollywood and catered everything from private weddings to corporate functions for such health-focused companies as yoga Works and Xanadu Life. She became the executive chef for the Jean Houston Foundation,  ELLSSA's & LP "The Social Artistry Odyssey" for Emerging Leaders, then joined forces with Fit Club TV to create the online program Andie’s Kitchen: An Organic Choice. As a recipe consultant, she has been contracted by multiple restaurants to help create healthier menus and some of her hemp healing recipes will feature in the upcoming show Cooking on High for Warner Bros.

Beetah Vasseli

Health/Wellness Advocate

Beetah graduated in 2004 with her diploma in Medical Assistance.   She desires to be a part of others lives to inspire growth. Through her zest for helping she stepped into ELLSSA to fill her true humanitarian aspirations for the world.  She strives to help people all around the world, whether it's struggles with health, wealth or emotional stability.  In her line of work she has an extensive background working in some of the largest hospitals nationally, to assist with patient needs and care. She is currently employed at the number one ranked medical college in New York City. Helping to provide relief for so many who are scared and in pain. 


Kelli has always had a passion for international issues, and is educated in Global Studies at the University of California of Santa Barbara. Kelli was born and raised in San Diego, California and enjoys volunteering and investigating current global issues and solutions. She has a record of volunteer work with organizations such as Reading to Kids, the Self Realization Temple and Habitat for Humanity. During college Kelli studied abroad in Rome, Italy which enriched her passion for understanding and experiencing the differences between cultures.

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Advisory Team

Vicki Hannah Lein- Mission Alignment Specialist

International Speaker, Educational Consultant, and Humor Recovery Specialist

Vicki is a professor, author, and singer-songwriter. Her passion is working with seekers and entrepreneurs to help them be less afraid and have more fun as they create with confidence a life beyond their wildest dreams. Vicki is a unique combination of candor, humor, and original songs, award-winning international speaker and educator Vicki Hannah Lein inspires her audiences to find magic, humor, and perspective in the adversities of everyday living.  Legally blind, Vicki travels by herself all over the world, getting people on their feet, cheering, singing, laughing, and wiping away tears.

Linda Reppond

Spiritual counseling Motivational Speaking Training in developing youth programs and empowering youth

Linda is dedicated to empowering and supporting children, youth and young adults. As a minister, she has been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant, conscious and talented young people on the planet. She has launched into a new ministry to support emerging young adults as they launch in life. The Launching Pad was born in September 2010, in Berkeley, CA. It is her bliss to be the founding minister and to be co-creating this amazing spiritual community with a powerful group of young adults.

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