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We Enlighten to develop and empower community leaders through the methodology of Social Artistry. Participants will have opportunities to implement their community programs within ELLSSA, giving them a platform off which to work.



We Lift to aid individuals in constructing a life that works for them. Through life coaching and job skill building, Lift helps individuals develop new paths and provide guidance in maintaining positive paths. We give hope and the tools necessary for a self-sustaining lifestyle. 



We Love to build communities. We connect leaders to leaders in order to make a more effective collective effort in uplifting communities. By providing events and fundraisers, we grow more unified and therefore stronger. Community empowerment is our goal.



We Serve to support community building through volunteers. The volunteer program will empower individuals to participate in the community and serve those in need.



We Share to support ELLSSA's mission through social media activity. We provide an online connection to our participants, our perspective participants, and investors. Providing and spreading information is our aim.



     We Awaken to our Global Connection.  This department leads ELLSSA's involvement internationally both spreading our mission and helping with the needs of others in some of the most deprived parts of the world. 

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