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Expressions of Love

Awesome group of people, wonderful! products

The words expressed are enough to say I'm impressed how one person brought a large team together and growing . Make a change and love life! So awesome!


Kristina B.

ELLSSA the nű way of traditionally giving back...modernly!


Dap D.

This is such an amazing program


Heather C.

If you are feeling lonely or like you don't have enough friends or family who understand and care for you, this is a great place to go and get involved. You can help the community and get some very much needed sense of community and emotional support. Beautiful place, beautiful people.

ELLSSA brightens my life every day.  Through the weekly homeless distributions, daily wellness coaching, and nightly meditation sessions I'm able to connect with those around me as well as myself.  Life as never been better now that my family and I live the "Mission" of ELLSSA.

It is amazing how far ellssa has grown and how much good it has given back to those who lives it has connected with. I am excited for the future of ellssa and feel truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful movement.


Linda E.

This foundation is truly committed to uplifting the world. The best part about it is that they make it fun, easy and gratifying in the process! Ellssa feels like a home to me filled with warmth from the members that are a part of it. This community is a blessing and I highly recommend their altruistic services if you are in the mood for feeling amazing! Thank you Ellssa for everything you do to make earth, and it's inhabitants, a better place to live.

Okay, I don't want to seem like everyone else who is writing reviews for things, but E.L.L.S.S.A. is literally one of the best non-profit organizations I know of.
Yes, there are amazing ones out there, but working and being and ambassador for this specific one has given me so many great opportunities.

I was ELLSSA's first intern. I am still learning everyday! Along with teaching the little things I know as well. Everyone involved with ELLSSA are all amazing, bright, and beautifully flawed people. We all have our own story and ELLSSA has helped us all in our own ways.

Many of us come together to create and evolve as one. 

We, as a community, have held free events for those to join and learn self development and many more things within that such as meditations and daily wellness.
Donations involving the distribution of clothing, personal items, and food to the homeless. Free weekly yoga classes and many more have been put out in this world of ours to show that we are trying.

I love everything about ELLSSA and everything there is to come beyond what we have now. There is so much more that can happen!

-Asia Rayne

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