Ginger Swell 

Ginger is the Coordinator of Emerging Leaders as Social Artists (ELSA) program for the Jean Houston Foundation.

She is a certified Facilitator and has trained facilitation to educators nationally. As a co developer and trainer of the online Social Artistry Training for Trainers (SAT4T) she passionately seeks to provide skills, strategies and practices to emerging leaders of any age seeking to discover, awaken, activate and actualize their personal leadership potential, gifts, talents and possibilities. 

Teresa Miskell

Teresa is a space holder for The Odyssey as she evokes the inner potential of others through her mentoring and intuitive counsel.  She embodies the Teal organizational structure and has 

consistently motivated all members of the Social Artistry Odyssey Committee since its’ inception.

Sara Morell-Vaughn-Production

Founder of ELLSSA

Sara has worked on Odyssey since just after it's creation.  As a volunteer, she has dedicated her time to such things as; relief efforts for orphanages, homelessness awareness while providing sustenance, teaching English abroad to children in remote villages, and environmental projects. Her work has included coordinating, promoting, and hosting social events for a multitude of charities. She believes in bringing people together who are motivated by common interests, beliefs, and ethical standards, so that they may work towards a positive outcome. Sara has studied and completed her nutritional therapy diploma and is continuing her education in holistic health & environmental education. Sara STRIVES To build a bridge of understanding on an individual level, through revolutionary events, live workshops & co-collaboration with experts in the field.  

Qinghong Wei, PhD

A scholar, multi-disciplinary artist and dedicated practitioner in building creative communities. Qinghong has served as CEO of a prestigious foundation and co-founder of an award-winning social enterprise, among other critical roles. She brings diverse and rich experience in organizational development, consulting, research, here in the U.S. and internationally.

Om Uyemura

Om is a dream designer hailing from Hawai’i. He owns EternalEyes Design which has helped over 100 clients including Google, Carvill Sotheby’s, Paul Hawken, Manaola, and Mike Love. Within E.L.L.S.S.A., he has created Artquake, a cause-driven program which creates impactful art that inspires people to make the world a better place, while being rewarded with creative gifts in the process. He is Odyssey’s visual designer and environmental educator.

Nate Rimmel

Nathen Aaren is a singer & entrepreneur. He’s made music for Fortune 500 companies & Grammy award-winning artists incl. The Olympics, Adidas, Lil Wayne, CBS Sports and produces a personal development podcast that charted #1 on all of iTunes with over 20 million downloads. As a former agent, he landed his clients million dollar investments and specializes in getting people funding to launch their dream projects. He also sits on the board of ELLSSA. Nate has volunteered his time Odyssey by being an onsite audio aid and a speaker.




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